Reading matters

So, over the weekend, I took the little kiwi to our local library.  He loves the library – and it’s a great place to hang out with him.  Basically, he takes books off the shelves and gets me to read them to him in series, and there is never enough time to choose any to bring home.

Anyway, this was a particularly good library visit because I managed to get myself some books – and read my first Neil Gaimans –

Coraline (also a very dark and beautiful animated film from the director of the Nightmare Before Christmas) and the Graveyard Book.  Both of these books are amazing and emerged into the world long after I was a sensible age to read them.  Which of course is even more the case now, but now I don’t care!  The Graveyard Book is just wonderful – a brilliant imaginative world, exciting story, revenge, and narrow escapes, good and bad…  it has it all.  And the great thing about reading Young Adult Fiction (or kids books if you like) is that they’re short and you can romp through them in the hour when lights should really be out and you should be asleep.  And if you’re a bit tired the next day, you’ll have the other mother to thank, (or Silas).

The little kiwi got his favourite Jez Alborough book – Six Little Chicks – which I absolutely adore, as well as a whole bunch of others.  Perhaps more on those later.