In the Tube tunnel yesterday, I saw a giant poster advertising Hugh Howey’s Silo trilogy (Wool, Dust and Shift). I read these recently and thought they were great – a really interesting imagining of a dark future.  Like all good sci-fi dystopian novels, they’re as much about the human condition as they are about people living underground and seeing the world through electronic screens. What I really liked about these books was their intricate imagining of everyday life for people, and the way that the reader’s viewpoint changes and develops throughout the series – at the start we are in the dark with everyone else.

I do love a bit of dystopic fiction – I think it’s my favourite genre.  At what age can you introduce your kids to the idea that civilisation might end?

For anyone who hasn’t read these books yet – do.  There is even a trailer!  And Mr Howey has some interesting views on self-publishing.  Anyone for a revolution?